• Commonly overlooked child support expenses

    Underestimating or undervaluing all expenses related to raising kids when documenting costs to help work out child support is a common occurrence. As the custodial parent, you shouldn't overlook the specifics of your kid's real financial requirements. This article helps highlight often missed expenses that should be part of the final monthly or yearly child support amount. Sports activities One of the common missed expense associated with child support involves a child taking part in their favourite hobby or sports activity.
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  • What is alimony pending litigation?

    Divorce is often a difficult time for the parties involved. Besides the emotional toll of separating with somebody and the potential harm the separation could inflict to your kids, financial considerations can turn out to be huge stressors during the divorce. This is especially true when one partner has greater financial muscle than the other. If this is the case, what can you do to safeguard your rights in spite of the inequality in financial means?
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  • Divorce The Australian Way: 3 FAQs

    Unfortunately, not all couples get to have a "happily ever after" kind of marriage. As painful as it may be, divorce is a harsh reality for a large number of Australian couples. It is only logical that a spouse looking to file for a divorce will have a number of questions in relation to what is required of them as they plan to go separate ways with their (former) loved one.
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